Monday, October 6, 2008

When Paul was in grade school he did a "Grate Brain" report on bees. Ever since, he has had a fascination with them and this past summer he decited that he wanted to become a bee keeper and have a hive of his own to take care of. He hived his frst set of bees at my parents house in late spring which was an adventure! (he ordered them off the internet!) I sat in the car while he dumped over 10,000 bees into the hive. He was fearless and it was like he had done it a thousand times before. Needless to say he loves taking care of the bees and studying all about them. Next to abby being born I think his proudest moment was when a frame of new baby bees started hatching in his hive. Now at the end of the season he has 5 hives and my dad has 1.

Here are some pictures of Paul building his own hives and of "the girls".

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Its been a while. For those of you who thought I was just getting fatter, I have a good excuse, Im 4 months pregnant! I've been pretty sick, hence the abandoned blog, but Im feeling much better now and hopefully I can keep up.

Last week Paul had work conventions in Salt Lake. We got to stay at the Little America Hotel. It was amazing! (thats where pauls meetings were). While we were there we went to the zoo with Pauls sister Helene and her kids, we did lots of shoping and went to the "Body Worlds" art exzibit for pauls birthday. It was a very fun week!

Monday, August 25, 2008

We went to Huntington lake last weekend with the Dunn's. Paul rocked the wake board and Abby rode on the tube behind the boat. She doesnt look like she's having much fun in the picture but she really had a blast! She kept singing, claping and waving. She loved it!

Abbigail Beulah Brown
Our baby isnt a baby anymore, she is
already one and a half years old!
We visited the tulip festival at Thanks Giving point this year and Abby loved all of the colorful flowers. She had to stop and smell each one!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hi everyone! This is my first blog and Im not quite sure if Im doing this right or what exactly Im supposed to be doing! I've seen a lot of your blogs and they are all so cute and what a good way to keep in touch with everyone, especially those of you we dont get to see very often.