Thursday, October 1, 2009

Photo Album

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from this past year!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Its been a whole year??!!!

I cant believe it really has been a whole year since I bloged! Well a LOT has hapened in a year so I will just update you on the major points. We have been back in price for almost 2 years now. Paul is enjoying his job and staying extremely busy at Sorenson Communications (they translate phone calls for the deaf and hard of hearing.) He has recently been promoted from the head of operations to Manager of the center. He has a lot of responsibilities but has made some good friends and learned a lot.
Abby will turn 3 in january! She is the sweetest, prettiest little girl I have ever known! When she was born we thought she would be a quiet little personality- boy were we wrong. Man can she talk! She will talk to anyone or anything. She frequently has conversations with our feet, her dinner and of corse, grandma suzzy's dog pixy! She is also the very best sister there ever was which leads me to another major event!
We have had another baby girl named Aspen Penelope Brown! Oh she is so pretty! She was born March 15th 2009. Its amazing how different your kids can be from eachother. Unlike Abby, Aspen is very quiet. She hardly makes a peep except for when she is laughing at big sis.
I have been so busy with kids and 100 other projects. I am selling avon (I never knew women would spend so much money on makeup!) I am also a substitute at the castle valley center in the lunch room! I know you're wondering if Ive suddenly turned 80 years old and grown a mole on my chin (The tipical lunch lady sterio type) but it is actually really fun and the kids are so cute! One boy asks for "a crabby patty please" every day.
We have also been busy selling honey. If you read my last post (a year ago) you will know that Paul is a hoby bee keeper. We went from six hives last year to 16 this past summer. We got about 25 gallons of honey this year which isnt nearly enough to keep up with the demands of people wanting local honey but enough to keep us extracting honey every weekend for 3 weeks! If you are wanting local honey you will just have to wait until next year because we are all out!
Well that says it in a nut shell. I promise i will update at least once a week this time around. Here are some pictures to catch you up on the latest hapenins.