Monday, October 6, 2008

When Paul was in grade school he did a "Grate Brain" report on bees. Ever since, he has had a fascination with them and this past summer he decited that he wanted to become a bee keeper and have a hive of his own to take care of. He hived his frst set of bees at my parents house in late spring which was an adventure! (he ordered them off the internet!) I sat in the car while he dumped over 10,000 bees into the hive. He was fearless and it was like he had done it a thousand times before. Needless to say he loves taking care of the bees and studying all about them. Next to abby being born I think his proudest moment was when a frame of new baby bees started hatching in his hive. Now at the end of the season he has 5 hives and my dad has 1.

Here are some pictures of Paul building his own hives and of "the girls".